Crystal chose Monte Carlo Inn to get ready for her big day, along with some of her closest buddies. I must say she selected an elegant color for her bridesmaids, shying away from light shades, she decided to opt for jade dresses with a satiny finish, which contrasted amazingly with her white gown.


Her jewelry was simple and she wore her hair in loose waves – fuss-free and sophisticated, which suited her brilliantly. The strapless dress fitted her to a T! Bridesmaids helped her get ready and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to capture some single clicks of Crystal – doesn’t she look like a goddess? I sure felt so! Laughing and giggling the girls kicked off the day with a bottle of bubbly – the bride took a generous drink as you can see.


Since it was a daytime wedding, Nelson didn’t wear the signature black tux that has become common for grooms across the world. He opted for a light grey suit instead, complete with a waistcoat – look how dapper and confident he seems. The groomsmen made their excitement known with a round of shots and smoking cigars – absolutely classic!


Black Creek Pioneer Village offers an ideal backdrop for pre and post wedding photo shoots. The rustic décor and warm ambience enhances the mood of the bride and groom as they pose lovingly for pictures. Bridesmaids and groomsmen were equally enthusiastic about poses as they came up with loads of interesting ones for me to click.


Soon it was time for the wedding everyone had been waiting with bated breath for a long time. Paradise Banquet & Convention Centre was the place for the ceremony. Nelson and Crystal smiled at each other during throughout the ceremony – it was clear how deeply they loved each other and this was a union that would last forever. They kissed triumphantly after signing on the marriage certificate, amidst cheers and laughter.


The reception theme was carefully chosen – every aspect was meticulously planned starting from the decorations and centerpieces to the cake and glassware. It was a beautiful gathering full of love and happiness – the cake cutting was fun, but what brought tears to many eyes, was the heartwarming dance of the newly wedded couple. The toasts and speeches were amusing as well. Needless to say, the dance floor was on fire with everyone showing off their moves as they waltzed joyfully around the room.



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