Pamela & Walid

Every wedding I cover has something different to teach me – it is truly a marvelous experience that creates a permanent mark in my memory. Cross culture weddings are extremely fascinating – it is wonderful to see two different cultures blending together and fashioning something extraordinary that leaves a lasting impression forever.

In the past, photography has been looked at as a very boring and limited way of expressing your idea through pictures, especially when it came to wedding photography. Nowadays, thanks to technology and advanced equipment, pictures have a very diverse flavor, brightness, color and flamboyance which were never really there some years back. The way pictures are taken and edited in this form of photography that we have today make it a completely different thing than the conventional photography that has been done in the past.

I emphasize accessories quite a lot – rings, jewelry, watches, etc. every item contributes to making the day special in its own way. The rings were flawless – Walid’s was a simple platinum band, while Pamela’s consisted of a sleek design featuring a double row of diamonds. If any of you need ideas for your wedding, feel free to take a page out of their notebook, as you can’t go wrong with these rings.

Walid is a handsome guy and decided to opt for the classic black suit and white shirt style. It suited him fine and he carried it with great élan so when I asked him to pose for some candids beforehand, he was more than happy to oblige. Instead of a black bow tie, he chose to wear a white one that blended in well with his waistcoat. There were absolutely no sign of the dreaded “nerves before the ceremony” as he cheerfully shares a drink with his friend.

Pamela got ready at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I must say her sense of style is on the dot – she picked out her gown, bouquet, and colors very carefully, so they look gorgeous and enhance each other instead of clashing. Since she has sharp and beautiful features, it doesn’t take much effort to accentuate her ravishing beauty. Her eyes were heavily embellished with kohl that made them pop out more, while the lips were deliberately light. The hair was swept in a bun with a lovely ornament to keep the veil in place - she looked stunning to say the least!

Her gown had a light golden hue – it was sleeveless with an embroidered bodice and back. The skirt was flared, but not too much, so she could move around comfortably. Bridesmaids wore cerulean blue sleeveless gowns, which looked incredibly striking. The jewelry wasn’t over the top, but subtle, graceful and elegant.

First look was done at Princess of Wales Theatre – the choice was intentional as they had met here for the very first time. Pamela was feeling playful as she surprised her soon-to-be husband with peek-a-boo from behind. Walid is awed by her – the reverence and love in his eyes floored me and I hurriedly snapped the picture. It was a truly priceless moment. A round of ice cream and beer was followed by some passionate pictures with loads of kissing and cuddling. The photo shoot continued at downtown Toronto and Lakeshore. It is a pleasure to conduct session when the couple is so enthusiastic. Be it a slight hug, shy look, kiss, or gazing into each other’s eyes – Pamela and Walid were up for everything. I got some fabulous clicks as you can see – every moment has been captured brilliantly.

The venue for the wedding was the lavish Liberty Grand, one of Toronto’s renowned ballrooms, which is the ideal location for a wedding as it can accommodate from a hundred to about 3000 guests – you can have small gatherings, a modest affair, or a gala event as per your preference. As you can see, it is tastefully decorated in early 1900's elegance, with crystal chandeliers, period furnishing, spectacular domes and columns, iron-laced balconies and arched windows.

The bridesmaids, groomsmen and other family members were equally excited to begin their photo session before the ceremony. They posed outside the venue with the couple and I got to take some great candids, something I make a point to do always. My favorite is the picture where the bridesmaids are leaning towards Walid for a kiss – it is naughty and joyful at the same time. The blue, black, and golden was a dazzling color combination as is evident from the pictures.

The whopping 5-tiered cake was extremely tempting to me, so I decided to honor it properly by clicking a larger than life picture! The place settings, decorations, theme, and everything else were perfect. The multi-colored orchids and wild flowers were an excellent idea – it was used for the bride’s bouquet that I photographed at the start. I make use of everything that comes into the camera lens and even those that don't. Every aspect such as the shadows, reflections, deflections and elevations are taken into account, so I can come up with a photo that speaks for itself.

Anticipation was running high among the guests and soon it was time for the walk down the aisle. Everyone looked glorious, especially the endearing flower girl, who confidently strode ahead. The couple held hands and their glance didn’t waver for a second as they stared into each other’s eyes throughout the ceremony. The jubilant kiss as they are pronounced “man and wife” is a clear testament as to how long they must have been waiting for this very moment.

Now it was truly time for the festivities to start. The couple had their first official dance as newlyweds – their beaming smiles say it all! All their loved ones seem to be having a jolly good time as they dance and show off their crazy moves – this is what I adore about weddings; it gives family and friends an opportunity to grow even closer and forge new relationships.

Friends and family were in an even happier mood than I presumed, as a few minutes later, both Pamela and Walid were tossed playfully in the air – they loved and took it in stride. The maid of honor, best man, and family members delivered the toast amazingly well – you can see the couple’s faces light up as they hear the speeches.

The bouquet and garter tossing was fun and thrilling to say the least. Watch the women lining up to throw the bouquet – Pamela was having a ball for sure! And the lady in the green and black wins as she deftly catches it. Walid got a lot of good-natured catcalls as he lifted his bride’s gown to gently take off the garter. His buddies were eager to catch it as well – the winner holds it up with an expression of sheer delight. Everyone loved the different props on the tables – several photo sessions were occurring simultaneously and the bride too participated in some of them.


Pamela decided to wear another dress for the reception. It was a burnt golden shade with remarkable black lace embroidery adorning it – she rocked the look. Check out the couple eating color-coded cotton candy that matches the overall theme – it was adorable to watch. 

Venue​: Liberty Grand​

Wedding Planner​: Alex Teperman Events​

Hair: The Art of Makeup and Hair

Makeup: Gina Marie Makeup

Cake: Just Temptations

Flowers & Decor: Floral Werx

Band: Shugga

AV & Production: Event Media Design

Sweets & Treats: Fancy Puffs​​

String Quartet: Wellington Music

DJ: MBE Entertainment

Hotel: Hyatt Regency

Officiant: Enduring Promises

Photo Booth: Fotogenix Photobooth



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