Nicole and Adam

It really helps if the rain god doesn’t decide to do us a favor during a wedding as it completely spoils the entire outdoor shoot, while dampening the mood as well. Thankfully, it was a sunny day in October and it was just perfect for the pictures.


Steve has a very innocent face – there is a childlike quality about his smile that I tried to capture while he got ready to slip into his suit. You can’t help but adore him when he turns that charming grin on you. Bow tie, cuff links, watch, and boutonnière, and he was all set! Groomsmen wore grey suits and pinned boutonnières too. They were super eager about taking pictures – I had a blast conducting this part of the shoot as it was full of fun, frolic and happiness.


Neilab wanted the understated elegant look and she pulled it off beautifully in her white strapless gown. The jewelry was delicate and simple – she didn’t want gaudy ones as she felt it would overshadow her overall appearance. The waist was emphasized with a glittering band. Her brunette waves cascaded along one shoulder – she looked amazing indeed! For the bridal bouquet she chose roses and tulips – the color combination was fantastic. The bridesmaids went for a stunning contrast in their magenta gowns and similar bouquets like Neilab.


The photo shoot commenced in JJ Plaus Park in Mississauga. The lakeshore and fountain acted as excellent backdrops as the couple posed for some lovely pictures. They were in their element as they laughed and beamed, often sharing a private joke and giggle in between. I love it when couples are so relaxed during photo shoots. Bridesmaids and groomsmen stepped in for a round of pictures and as you can see every moment was full of fun, happiness, and joy.


The Waterside Inn in Mississauga served as the wedding venue. The seating chart was done in an interesting manner in the form of tiny cars with tags attached to them. The couple was overjoyed to be declared “married” and showed it with a passionate kiss amidst resounding claps and cheers. After another round of photo shoots as a married couple, it was time for the bouquet toss and speeches. Neilab and Steve are basking in every moment as they jive around the dance floor. The cake was a 3-tiered extravaganza in white and purple icing. The ceremony concluded with the newlyweds thanking everyone for attending and the good wishes showered upon them.



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